Saturday, February 19, 2011

Suggestions Please??

So we are currently renting our house, but we did a lease-purchase agreement and have ever intention of buying it (once we qualify for a mortgage)...anyways, so I really want to update my house, but I'm still limited since I have landlords.  My landlord (who lived here before us) and I do not have the same taste in decor (more on that later). 

So in my kitchen I have this lovely ceiling fan.

The shade and bulb holder thingys (yes, that's the technical term) are brass, but I just noticed today that the actual fan and blade holder thingys are silver...which I can work with.  I loathe brass fixtures. 

I can find an old fan on Craigslist and replace the blades. 

So here's the QUESTION:

How can I update the glass shade thing in a way that could be reversible if need-be??

Thank you!!!

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