Monday, February 14, 2011

Ooohhh Shiny...

Disclaimer: This is probably one of those things that everyone has known about for years and I'm just the last one to find out.  That seems to happen often.

But did you know you can buy empty paint cans?
(Google Images)

You did? Oh...

Well I just found out yesterday.

Now my head is reeling with ideas for adorable paint can storage like this...

 (Google Images)
...or this (although not really a space saver).
 (Google Images)
So cute!
 (Google Images)
My favorite idea!
 (Google Images)
I bought an empty can yesterday from Home Depot to pour one of my favorite weird olive-green colors from where I left the can outside and it rusted. Now it's all pretty and clean :)

Happy Love Day!!

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  1. I just found out yesterday too! lol I had no idea but now that I do know I am thinking of ways I can use them. :)