Saturday, March 5, 2011

The craft from hell...I mean, the craft that taught me patience

Typically, I'd encourage anyone to try a craft I've created, but not this time!


Unless you like like to torture yourself by being hunched over on the floor staring at tiny pieces of freezer paper for 10 hours...10. I'm so cross-eyed I can barely type!

Anyways...if in fact, you do want to tackle this project - here you go!

I started off with 2 of these 16x20" frames from Wally World.

Frames some white fabric and taped off some borders...

My poor Cricut was almost smoking after using it for so long.  I used my Doodletype cartridge.

Everything was cut out of freezer paper and ironed on.

 I recommend starting from the middle and taping with scotch tape each row so you can move it.
 Then iron on the thousands of little inside pieces of the "a, e, d, o, p, g, and b" and paint :)
 Thankfully, I do love it.  I added a little strip of burlap-esque fabric to the bottom for texture.

 ...if you haven't figured it out, these are our wedding vows
 I think they will eventually go over our bed.

Let me know if you tackle a similar project!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. It's beautiful! You must have a lot of patience to iron on all the insides of those letters. I would have given up long before it was finished!

  2. wow. what an ambitious project. I think all the work was worth it. It turned out great!


  3. Oh, that's a beautiful project. I understand why that would make you go cross-eyed, though! You have patience that I sorely lack! Great job!

  4. Hehe...what a schlepp when you find out after you've begun your project that it's going to be a more finicky and time consuming job than you anticipated!

    It did turn out great though. :)

    Tnx so much for linking this up at my party this weekend! :D

  5. OMG!! That looks incredibly time consuming. But it turned out perfect. I love it. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party tomorrow.
    More The Merrier Monday.

  6. Love it! All 10 hours paid off and it looks fantastic!

    I'm blog hopping from The Girl Creative’s blog hop and would love for you to check out my blog too. And I'm your newest follower!

  7. Such a sweet reminder to see every night before you go to bed, love it. Even if it did take forever. :-) Thanks for linking it up!

  8. Such a sweet & creative idea! I invite you to share your idea, link to my blog bash K.I.S.S. Happy to be a new follower too! :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  9. I always love the stuff you do. This is no exception! Thanks for linking up! Chris

  10. looks great...but not gotta try it! I think my blood pressure would shoot through the roof.

  11. It turned out beautifully! I feel your pain... When I did my Valentine's subway art pillow, I had the same experience. It's time consuming but worth it. Love the look. Thanks for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday".

  12. these are gorgeous. sorry it took so long!!!! not fun :( but what a great reminder of your vows :)

  13. Aww! that's such a sweet project! Whenever I get married I'll be making that.. except not cutting it out like that haha

  14. What a beautiful project. It looks like it was a ton of work but the final result is amazing. Thanks for linking up!

  15. I LOVE this! Its FAB!!! Come on 'ova and share this at my Linky Par-Tay!



  16. So sweet! I know it was frustrating to get to the wonderful end result but isn't that how marriage is? Great job- thanks for linking up!